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Wisdom from Whistler

An Insider’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Accommodations

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An Insider’s Perspective on Whistler


If you’ve spent any time researching Whistler accommodations, you know you have an overwhelming number of choices to make. Should you book a hotel or a condo? Should you stay close to the action or somewhere more serene? Should you walk or take public transportation to the slopes?


My name is Troy Assaly, and I’ve lived, worked, and skied in Whistler for more than 10 years. During that time, I’ve helped hundreds of travelers find their dream accommodations through my vacation rental listing website, www.ResortAC.com.


I’ve compiled this guide to help you narrow your choices and pick the accommodations that best fit your unique needs. I’ve included plenty of insider’s tips gleaned from my years of working with vacation rental owners, and I’ve also provided a lot of information about Whistler, including descriptions of its different neighborhoods and what each has to offer.


Read on for more details—then check out www.ResortAC.com to access over 100 owner-direct vacation rentals. Many of these rentals aren’t listed on websites like VRBO and HomeAway, and we throw in perks like discounted lift tickets and personal concierge services.


I hope you find this guide to be extremely helpful as you plan your trip. May it be your best yet!




Troy Assaly



Tip #1: Book a Vacation Rental, Not a Hotel


Vacation rentals are becoming savvy travelers’ first choice for accommodations, and for good reason. The average vacation rental charges around $250 per night—the same price you would pay for a couple low- to mid-range hotel rooms. However, with a vacation rental, everyone can stay together, you get the luxury of an entire house, and you can save a little money by cooking a few meals yourself.


In Whistler, in particular, vacation rentals also offer more charm and comfort than a traditional hotel or lodge. Imagine going back to a cookie-cutter hotel room after a long day on the slopes. There’s no fireplace, you have to lock up your gear, and if you want to hang out together, you have to do so in the common area with all the other guests. In a vacation rental, you have your own fire, a private space to store your gear, and a spacious lounge area where everyone can sip hot chocolate together while reliving the day’s adventures.


There are several websites where you can look up Whistler vacation rentals, including VRBO and HomeAway. But by far, the best option is www.ResortAc.com, and I’m not just saying that because I own the website.


ResortAC represents more than 100 Whistler vacation rental owners, and our weight in the Whistler community allows us to offer incredible benefits to our guests, like discounted lift tickets and personal concierge services. We’re also available 24/7 to answer any questions, and you can trust that when you rent from www.ResortAc.com, you’ll get what you see online.


Tip #2: Pick Your Neighborhood First


If you’re reading this guide, you’ve probably already selected Whistler for your upcoming vacation. But, did you know there are actually five neighborhoods within the resort town, each of which has a distinctly different feel and perks? Whether you prefer to see trees and birds outside your window or you’d rather be right in the action, Whistler has the perfect vacation rental for you. You just have to find it.


One thing to consider: Whistler was designed as a pedestrian village, which means it’s very possible you won’t need a car to get around. Of course, where you stay in the village determines how much walking you do. Keep in mind that walking means you’ll be at the mercy of the weather gods. Also, your legs and low back may not feel like doing much after skiing 40,000 vertical feet!


After more than a decade of helping hundreds of Whistler guests, I’ve created the following matrix to help you hone in on your dream vacation rental. Circle the one feature in each category that matters most to you and your companions.


[Insert Matrix Here]
Whistler Village, the Upper Village, and Village North are all within walking distance of the lifts and on the municipal bus route. You’ll find a good selection of restaurants, nightlife, and shopping in any one of these Whistler neighborhoods. Whistler Creek offers some ski-in/ski-out lodging, but most likely you’ll have to drive to Whistler Village. Nicklaus North isn’t within walking distance of Whistler Village, but it’s on the bus route and offers greenside lodging for golf season.


As you read about each neighborhood, make sure to take a look at the maps at the end of the guide. They’ll help familiarize you with the Whistler area and what each neighborhood has to offer.


Whistler Village


Nestled at the base of Whistler Mountain, Whistler Village is the perfect choice if you like to be in the heart of the action. Whistler Village also offers easy access to all the main attractions, including Whistler Mountain, which is accessible via the Fitzsimmons Express chairlift and the Whistler Mountain Gondola; Blackcomb Mountain, which is accessible via the Excalibur Gondola; and the Palmer-designed Whistler Golf Club and Driving Range, which is adjacent to Whistler Village.


There are many ski-in/ski-out lodgings in Whistler Village, including hotels like the

Pan Pacific and Westin Whistler and owner-direct rentals like the ones you’ll find on www.ResortAc.com. You’ll also find numerous restaurants, nightclubs, clothing stores, coffee shops, grocery stores, liquor stores, rental facilities, and more—all within walking distance of your accommodations.


Upper Village


Upper Village sits adjacent to Whistler Village, at the base of Blackcomb Mountain. You can access Blackcomb Mountain directly via the Magic Chair or Wizard Express chairlifts, and it’s just a short walk to Lost Lake Park and the Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Club.


Like Whistler Village, Upper Village has a number of ski-in/ski-out options, including Fairmont’s Chateau Whistler Hotel, Le Chamois, and owner-direct vacation rentals in Glacier Lodge, Treeline, and other resort developments.


Village North


North of Whistler, you’ll find Village North. Village North doesn’t offer slope-side lodging, but the lifts are still pretty close. You can either walk to them or take a free shuttle bus. The Lost Lake trail system is nearby, as are many restaurants and stores. The shopping center known as Whistler’s Marketplace, for example, has a sushi bar, McDonald’s, Starbucks, liquor store, sporting goods store, and several grocery stores.


Village North has a number of lodging options at various price points. Developments like Marketplace Lodge are more budget-friendly, while the Montebello development boasts extra space and luxury.


Whistler Creek


Whistler Creek is located four kilometers (2.5 miles) south of Whistler Village, along Highway 99. The neighborhood is a good option if you want easy access to the slopes, but prefer to stay in a quiet area. There are plenty of restaurants and retails stores in this area, including Dusty’s—our favorite place to go for a cold beer and barbecue beef sandwich.


There are several private chalets and ski-in/ski-out condos in Whistler Creek, and you can access Whistler Mountain via the Creekside Gondola. When you’re ready to head back to your rental, simply take the Dave Murray downhill racecourse. It’s a great end to a full day of skiing.


Nicklaus North


Located on Highway 99 near Pemberton, Nicklaus North is as far as you can get from the slopes and still be in Whistler. While this can be a turnoff in the winter, the area offers plenty to do in the summer, and it’s only a short bus or $10 taxi ride to the village.


Also known as Green Lake Estates, Nicklaus North boasts incredible views of the mountains and Green Lake, plenty of sun, and proximity to the Lost Lake trail network. Nicklaus North is also a great place to stay if you love to golf, although lodging on the course itself is limited to ultra-luxurious, multimillion-dollar chalets.


Tip #3: Use Search Tools to Locate the Gems


At this point, you should have picked one or two neighborhoods that  interest you. You may have also decided on an owner-direct vacation rental, as those tend to offer the most comfort and best value. However, if you’ve done any research on Whistler accommodations, you’ve probably noticed that there are hundreds of townhomes, chalets, and other residences for rent. How do you find the right one for you?


The truth is a lot of the rentals on the market aren’t very welcoming. The furnishings are old, the beds are uncomfortable, and you may or may not be able to reach the owner during your stay. The worst part: you may not know any of this until you’re there.


That’s why www.ResortAc.com is such a valuable resource. We have over 100 rentals in our database, and all of them are from reputable owners who take great pride in renting their vacation homes. More importantly, you don’t have to sort through hundreds of VRBO listings to find the gems. All you have to do is visit our site and enter in your search criteria—and you’re sure to find at least several options that meet your needs.


To make this process even easier, you can click on the links below to find rentals in specific neighborhoods and developments.


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Tip #4: Find a Reputable Vacation Rental Company


As we’ve already discussed, it’s not uncommon for travelers to find out that the rental they booked isn’t everything it was advertised to be. Even worse, some travelers show up in Whistler only to find their vacation rental doesn’t exist!


Make sure you’re not ripped off by using an established, reputable website like www.ResortAc.com to book your vacation rental. Sites like mine charge owners a hefty fee to list their rentals—a fee fraudsters would rather not pay when there are other sites, like Craigslist and Kijiji, that allow them to post for free. Speaking of Craigslist and Kijiji, avoid them at all costs! While there are legitimate owners using those websites, it’s better not to risk it when there are safer booking options out there.


Tip #5: Ask About Taxes and Fees before You Book


It’s important to ask all the right questions before you book. Two private homes may look the same and charge the same, but one may cost you quite a bit more in undisclosed taxes and fees.


Some—but not all—Whistler owners are required to charge tax, and some charge a separate cleaning fee that’s not included in the nightly rate. It’s important to ask about taxes and fees in advance and get the terms of your rental contract in writing.


Another area where travelers sometimes get blindsided is the damage deposit. Many owners require one, which is understandable, as they’ve likely invested $500,000 or more in their rental. However, it’s important that your contract includes a description of what constitutes “damage” and under what conditions the deposit will or will not be returned.


One final piece of advice: if you’re driving to Whistler, be aware that some building complexes charge extra for parking your car—as much as $20 per night! Definitely ask the owner about these fees before you book, as they can have a substantial impact on the cost of your stay.


About Troy Assaly and ResortAC.com


Troy Assaly has lived, worked, and skied in Whistler for over a decade. He started www.ResortAc.com in the early days of the Internet—back when it was just him, the Delta Hotel, and Whistler.com promoting Whistler accommodations online. Around the same time, Troy also started Eagle Tours, a thriving golf, ski, and snowboard company that provides high-end, custom vacations for clients around the globe.


Today, www.ResortAc.com remains Whistler’s go-to source for owner-direct vacation rentals. The website lists homes for over 100 owners, including everything from budget-friendly condos to upscale chalets. The selection, ease of booking and rental quality are second-to-none.


Over the years, many guests have commented that Troy is a wealth of Whistler information. He’s helped hundreds of people find their dream accommodations, and he created this guide to provide another avenue for connecting Whistler visitors with the perfect owner-direct vacation rental.


For more information or to book your accommodations, visit www.ResortAc.com today.